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We’d like the project to benefit mental health charities. How might this happen?

We held a workshop of charity experts and creatives at Grant Thornton, St Albans in July 2015.

Here are some of the bullet ideas that were discussed:

From sponsorship. People know tangible impact of each bottle. Pay for a piece of a pot – linking people. Create as memorials, funerals. Request donations to ‘purchase’ a bottle and tag and space to display. Pay to donate liquid. End of tour – liquid could be poured into a river. Hold an auction/Sale of individual bottles. People could pay to make a pot. E.g. local decorate and make pot shop/cafe. Donations at media/mass participation event. Develop a mechanism for people to sponsor a Bottle, or do something to remove the grief/tears (e.g. have a liquid that is poured out. People could bid for the right to smash a bottle/On smash day 1000 people come together for a cathartic smash off. People could bid for your right to attach their particular story to a Bottle. Run a web based fund raising campaign which involved buying the Bottles. Auction off large bottle as pieces of art. Use Bottles to create awareness – viral campaign. Post and donate. ‘Don’t bottle it up’. Offer free use of art works/Visitor donations/Website donations. Awareness raising and campaigning potential. Auction Bottles to save them from being broken. Exhibitors of installation to pay fee to exhibit – purchase photo/card/poster of art work.

Interested in following any of these ideas up? Have other ideas that can help?

Please contact us.

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